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Age doesn't matter when it comes to love

Slowly going through the new Otome games introduced in the B's Log.

Bought to you by the same company that did Bloody Call, Blue moon seems to be trying to promote the older age group love comedy.

I was shocked to see the average age of the playable routes. ^^; The claimed maximum age difference/gap is 29 years old! Perhaps that's the "comedy" part of the game!? Not sure how others take it, but apart from characters looking great, I don't think this would work in real life especially when it's hard to maintain the good looks let alone keeping fit...? orz

Their plan is starting from 15th June 2012, the first drama CD will be released. At the last drama CD release, the games will be released with 6 games in total (12 characters split over 2 character per game). Recently there seems to be a trend to sell drama CD as well as games for the otome market. I suppose it's probably easier to do a drama CD than to make another game.

Read on for pictures!
Double Score

Shinozawa Mai (Name changeable) is a 17 year old high school girl who grew up in a ordinary family. Longing to fall in love like her parents did through the Kamizono Shrine which is famous for blessing in love, she decided to work as a Miko at the shrine.

It was said that if you get the birth flower that blooms around the shrine, you will be blessed by the God of love.

One day, the owner of the shrine Kamizono Kyouha asks Mai to deliver the flower to the person chosen by the God of love...

I like to be able to use their support banners links so here goes the rainbow!

Suou Issei - Gap 14 Years
「Double Score」応援中!

Todaka Yousuke - Gap 15 Years
「Double Score」応援中!

Shirosaki Rio - Gap 12 Years
「Double Score」応援中!

Saiga Rui - Gap 17 Years
「Double Score」応援中!

Seiya - Gap 17 Years
「Double Score」応援中!>

Tachibana Ryuusei - Gap 18 Years
「Double Score」応援中!

Tomu - Gap 12 Years
「Double Score」応援中!

Higuchi Subaru - Gap 13 Years
「Double Score」応援中!

Ninomiya Souichirou - Gap 29 Years
「Double Score」応援中!

Sakita Takuto - Gap 14 Years
「Double Score」応援中!

Sano Fumiya - Gap 14 Years
「Double Score」応援中!

Kirino Souya - Gap 8 Years
「Double Score」応援中!

Emori Chisato - Gap 14 Years
「Double Score」応援中!

Kamizono Kyouga - Gap 14 Years
「Double Score」応援中!
lol Ignore the CV:???, they just forgot to update their banner! If you check out their their website in the character profile section, this character is voiced by Sakurai Takahiro! (lol Probably why I felt like blogging about this game...) They also make this character hard to get! (So close yet seems so far... orz) He's not one of the playable route, BUT if you buy the 6 games, you could obtain the Kamizono Kyouga Disk (Game disk and "situation" (Drama) CD) as a present.

This is series is going to be expensiveeeeeee!

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