[PSP] Hakuouki Yuugiroku 2 Matsuri Bayashi to Taishitachi

New website launch!

The official site just opened for the sequel to Hakuouki Yuugiroku by Idea Factory!

Nothing much at this stage really, but very interesting to see that they're still making money out of Hakuouki despite no new Hakuouki arts?! orz I see the support banner pictures are all rolled over/overused from various Hakuouki games...

Hakuouki yuugiroku2
Somehow I feel that Kazama should be on Hijikata's hand annoying him rather than Okita. But oh well, Chizuru looks extremely happy with Kazama on her shoulder!

Brief story
One summer while the Shinsengumi was moved to the nearby Shrine, there have been rumours about an attack will be taken at the festival to come. As part of the Shinsengumi's duty, they will need to be on guard during the festival. For Chizuru, who isn't allow to get out alone, she would have to go to the festival with someone...

Having played the first one, I think I would want to collect it for the arts from the other games, new mini games and some extreme kawaii overdose again...! Hopefully there'll be more Kazama x Chizuru (Kazama route post) like in their first game...!

Official Site

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