[iPhone] Koi Furi! Saint Ivy Gakuen Vol 2

Keep on flicking!

I almost forgot about this game due to the lack of update for Koi Furi Vol 1 by Interactive Brains! (Morelike because I gave up practicing "quick type" Japanese orz) It seems like they only release apps when it's finalised and complete. But finally they have released volume 2 after 2-3 months of wait!

Koi furi vol 2 cover

The basics are the same as for Volume 1 which I have blogged about previously, hence I won't be typing it all again~ The character design/illustrated by Minetobi Ram. The more I look at it now, the more I realised that the way Ram does the colouring of the skin reminds me of Person 4! That gradient fill on skin!

Volume 2 include the 3 characters which you're not able to get in the Volume 1 of the game! Again it is possible to play all 8 stages for free! The only thing is Episode 2 scenarios comes at a cost! orz (Well we can't get everything -not to mention great qaulity - for free can we?)

Koi furi Vol 2 game

Why is there no support banners for these 3 guys... ; A ; Poor kids! Apart from that their episode 1 seems to be ridiculously short... And I thought I could blog more about them in Volume 2 but it seems like you guys are staying as supports...!? orz Guess I'll use their Twitter icons instead... hopefully you guys get support banners soon!

Mamiya Shun (CV: Taniyama Kishou)
First Year student, classmate and childhood friend of Hiiragi Rihito.

Takatsuki Shintarou (CV: Ono Yuuki)
Second Year student who's in the archery club.

Nanase Rui (CV: Maeda Takeshi)
Third Year student whose also a famous celebrity who models for his own brand of clothing designer by his mother.

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