[Cosplay] Sydney Supanova

10th Year Anniversary Supanova!

Wasn't entirely sure about which category to place it in since I was "smart" enough to put the camera battery in reverse and thought the camera just failed on me for the 2 days (So I didn't take any photos) until I tried to reverse the battery pack just now. *headdesk*

I blame it on the upset stomach... or the lack of Otome games.

Long post will be long - especially when it's purely text! ^^;
To sum up, the whole week prior to Supanova was full of procrastination and sickness!

Monday night I hang out with Haruki, Kurako, Bambi and Rayfy for Hot Pot. Should have known when I hear the word Hot Pot, and meeting prior to convention is a bad idea. My stomach didn't like Chilli too much and decided to fail on me the next day (Tuesday). Wednesday, I finally started drawing some chibis for selling at Supanova. This is the second year that Ry have a stall at Supanova. And since he have the other half of the table spare, I normally tag along. :P (Despite my work is crappy next to his) Thursday I found this awesome artist called Gogatsubyou Mario who does alot of "Try to draw" series for Vocaloid PVs and he does it in the most creative and entertaining way! I also came across this new fanmade Horror game called Ib through Tumblr (Yes, this name means time draining medium). The fandom on it is awesome! I think I'll start drawing some too after I finish some routes! And then GAHHHHH I realised the time and rushed more chibis off until 3am for printing the next day.

Friday night the usual cutting exercise for my chibi bookmarks. I opened the new laminating machine that have been gathering dust on the booksehlf which we bought from Costco quite a few months ago. It reeks of plastic smell. Though it's pretty much silent compare to the old laminating machine which killed Aerith from FFVII with it. Anyhow, Ry was sleeping over so he helped me with cutting out the Adventure Time chibis which I was glad since the serie was quite a hit at Supanova! Hehalana on the other hand helped me with the Sakura's gloves for Street fighter since she gave up on her Chun Li spikes (It's harder to make though I admit). We all slept around 3am.

Due to the lack of sleep and the stomach ache from nights ago, I wasn't feeling 100%. We left the house 9am sharp, got into the venue just some 30 minutes before the opening. We rock to the wrong table and started setting up then realised it wasn't our table! Apparently there have been a few different mixed up too but of course if either one of us bothered to asked probably wouldn't have wasted our time there. It took us 2 wrong table until we found our table. orz A few of Hehalana's photographer friends dropped by first, Icie, Rayfy and Bambi with his girlfriend-san that we didn't really meet since we were busy setting up. Was cosplaying as Sakura from Street Fighter with Hehalana as Chun Li and Chyna as Juri. :3 Though I stayed at the stall most of the time. ^^; And most likely because of that, alot of Hehalana's friends mistaken me as Hehalana. It was fun when I know their name and I go I'm not Hehalana. lol One of the most random first sentence was "I've got your socks", and I was like why would a stranger have my socks...? @.@ (Strange thought)

Kurako and Scarlet dropped by to rescue me from boredom. Hanged abit and then stole a mochi (Thanks! ) off from Scarlet then I headed back to the stall. Interesting to note that there were HEAPS of Adventure Time and Homestuck (Zombie skin coloured) cosplayers! My favourite was the Genderbender Prince Gumball, though "he" didn't dropped by our stall. I was disappointed that Games didn't come anymore. I miss the days where I could find games I want at Conventions. (Probably nowdays I'm only into Otome games that's why I couldn't find games I like locally anymore. lol) Oh! Not to mention that as I was hanging around looking at props with Kurako, we saw Verne Troyer aka "Mini Me" in Austin Powers upfront as he drove past!!! YES, I wrote DROVE as he didn't have to WALK!!! Our distance was only 60 cm-ish apart! Unfortunately I didn't take photos - don't think they allow you to snap one so upfront anyway.

Back to the table, I had in my hands this year's Smash's Traveling Artbook! I had a sneak peek at it and the beautiful works in there was stunning! I felt so bad with my doodle in there so I wrote my excuses for bad sketch. orz It was had to draw without pencil, selling, and wearing gloves (I was sewn on due to the lack of time :P). Hopefully they won't show it on the screen when they're auctioning it.

After the convention, we headed out for dinner. Didn't really feel like eating. Probably because it was abit stuffy inside the venue... and cold and raining out. As soon as I got home I took a shower and headed to bed. Approx 1am I woke up, and that's when it happened. I vomited...! Thinking in mind that I might not make it go tomorrow I went back to sleep without restocking at all - despite the effort of going to get some more ribbons for the bookmarks.

Hehalana's spent hours doing her Captain America's show girl hair, so we left for the convention without her. We arrived there 10 minutes before the convention starts! lol Though it's enough time for us to set up since everything is set since yesterday. As there wasn't as much traffic compare to Saturday, I was able to spree and properly check out all the artists at the artist alley!

2012 Syd Supanova
Here's my loot for the day!
* Gintama charms from... somewhere... @.@ Forgot their name! orz
* Meet Mori (I didn't end up going back to Commission her / _____ \ But I will get in contact with her to see if we could work on a Doujinshi/Anthology! ) and Lynn (Airinia), whose gonna be at Smash also! :D Print (So much detail!) and Kimi ni Todoke phone charm from Airinia.
* Kagamine Keychains from Moshi-Moshi-Anime! Ry bought it for me. When he gave it to me and showed me his one, he said that you get to choose both side of the keychain. So I flipped to the other size of the keychain and all I see was 2 Rins!!! (I prefer Len over Rin, but I do like the Twins together more. orz) I got him to go back to exchange it, but they ended up giving us another one for free. So now I got two keychain, one of Kagamine Twins and the other one Kagamine Rin.
* Icie dropped off his new card. It's the scary Project Zero game that I dislike the most! ;A; *This person hates horror games*

Further I had quite a lot of enjoyable talk with various people who dropped by. We had someone from New Zealand who said they actually aired the English dubbed version of Super Pig in NZ some years ago so she does know about it!!! Aly dropped by Bambi and AYUVI!!! It's been quite sometime since I last heard from her. I was like I'm cosplaying as Aoi from Aoiza Ibinroku which is an otome game so that's when I confirmed that she was Ayuvi. ;w; Later she bought Chibi-Chocobo (I only remember her by this name as I'm one big Square Enix Fan) and Tammu to the artist Alley. They were cosplaying as N and Bianca from Pokemon B&W and they threw money onto our table in Pokemon style... it was quite a scene to look at. Thank you for the money guys. ;w; I really enjoy the catch up on Sunday so I was glad I didn't stay home to rest! At the end of the day, the neighbor Ranka cosplayer raided my bookmarks! Which was quite tiring because she kept spinning the rack in speed of light while I tried to get the character she picked out. Plus I wasn't feeling that well. @.@ But I was glad she got most of what she wanted. :D

Now less than 1 month for more con prepping for Smash... I think I'm likely to Cosplay Felicita from Arcana Famiglia... since I haven't started on sewing Yumihiko. orz Let me get into Otome mode and produce some Otome products for Smash...! XD


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