[PC] PersonA Opera Za no Kaijin (Trial)

My play history of the PersonA!

So... recently I have been playing games that wasn’t very good for my health. Namely, some *cough* 18+ games *cough*. Wasn’t gonna admit... but I have now. (I'll probably sink this journal down ASAP XD)

Top one off the list was the trial version of PersonA Opera Za no Kaijin which I blog about previously prior to its release, since I was addicted to Phantom at that time.

There'll be no mature content in this blog, I promise.
PersonA Trial
Love the melody at the opening

So, first of all, I only found out that Seiyuu uses another name if they’re doing voice acting for 18+ games! Though I still haven’t heard any 18+ dramas as yet. Don’t think I’m going to either. ^^; Still not ready for it. >/////< The reason for me to try the trial was because of Kondo Takashi (aka Ooishi Keizou)'s CV for the Phantom!

Because the game is in Japanese I thought I should use my brother's old laptop that have other language packs installed. Mind you, I was actually watching a drama series and playing the game. Turns out the headphone plug for the Laptop that my brother left me does not work. It goes both to speaker and to headphone when I heard Christine's voice echos. Luckily I found out prior to progressing further in the game. orz

I've decided not to type the story and let everyone else to explore. Surely there are others who would have type up a complete route review so it'll be redundant. XD (Is lazy)

The length of the game was relatively long for a trial (It even allow you to save!), which is probably why I wasn't expecting anything more when the story stopped. The preview CGs of what's to happen onwards for each routes was all smexy until... I couldn't tell what I was looking at when I saw that picture of Raoul and Christine from sneak peeks. I like my characters clothed...! >//////< Though saying it's a 18+ game, I truly did not think I would see a picture like this in the trial version, probably an incentive to lure people to get the game but for me it was abit of a turn off.

Surprisingly, I opt to like Remy more than I did after learning his real role in the whole story! He's pretty much the start of everything I shall say - I mean he did go and invite Christine to the Opera. The cgs seems to be of decent quality for Remy's route too. :D I thought I like Phillipe because he's the older brother (I admit I have quite a brother complex). But Remy prevails! XD

Where I'm living at the moment, it's abit hard to find private space, so playing 18+ games aren't that safe. I probably rather play on handheld consoles instead with games like these! Though I think I've still got a long way to go until I'd head into them... ^^;

Please play the trial at your own risk. :P

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