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Gallery of darkness!

So if you've been surfing on the internet enough, you would have come across this horror game called Ib. Just so happened by chance I played this game prior to Supanova which happened the weekend before. Talk about procrastination, gaming is the best thing you could be doing. orz

This game is created by Kouri using RPG maker. Not the most heart friendly game for those who dislikes Horror genre! (I felt so relieve when I found Garry. ;A;) I know it’s all just pixels. However, I’m the type that only watches Horror movies in day light only or if it was a comedy. The main reason I played it was for the pairing. >//////v//////< Only had to play it without musics. :P

*May contain spoiler*
Ib game

A young girl named Ib went to an art museum featuring Guertena's work with her parents. She wondered off to see exhibits in the museum by herself, then all of a sudden everyone disappeared and she finds herself alone in the museum. While looking for the others, she notice strange things happening in the museum...

If being chased is not exciting enough, try solving puzzle while being chased! orz There are plenty of strategy guide / walkthrough online in various languages if you're stuck. I actually needed to read some of them because it was hard to understand some of the puzzles to progress further (Or I simply could not think clearly when being scared and chased ).

The game could be completed within an hour time (Longer if you try to study everything in the game like me). Persistence is the key (Or probably getting immune after too many tries)! My love for Garry x Ib is the only drive for me to finish the game!!! (Pedo FTW!!! )

What I hate...
* Lady in Red that chases you (Because she's faster than the other colours! ;A;)
* Headless female statues that chases you
* Pictures that spits at you
* Mannequin heads that follows you... makes me not want to look at mirrors!

What I love...
* Garry
* Ib
* Mary
* The Vase that have endless supply of water
* Roses
* Little side stories (Additional readings) from bookshelves! Although they build on the horror theme, I just thought they were nice little touch the author added into the game. :D

There are 5 different endings that you could get...! In order to achieve each and every single one of them, you will need to satisfy different criterias (This reminds me of an Otome game!). XD Mind you I actually thought all the endings were equally as good, though they don't necessary mean happy end.

Apart from that I was surprise to see that they actually have ending CGs! Though not the best drawings (Probably what makes the game abit creepy) but this is EPIC for a homemade game! *applause* Regardless, you get to enjoy the fanarts alot more after the completion of the game. Ahhh The satisfaction after being scared an awful lot. ;3;

One of the cutest fanart's gotta be the artist who uses similar style from Inu x Boku for Ib and Garry, and I found there are people who actually started drawing doujinshi for it! Hopefully I could find them when I go to Winter Comiket this year!

Ib game fanart
Yodobashi Yuo does mock up anime style cgs which I approve alot. XD I imagine that's what's it'll be like IF Ib have an animation!!!

Pixiv is having a Ib fanart call out to those who want to take part into the Ib 2013 calendar!

Ib Matsuri Pixiv

*Goes off to lurk on more Ib fandom* XD

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