[Anime] Arcana Famiglia Episode 1

La storia della Arcana Famiglia

So yeah I watched it! So happy! XD Waited so long for it! It stayed true to the game and manga! :D But it felt so short I need moarrrrrr episodes soon.

The reason why I really like Arcana Famiglia is because all the characters have very unique personality. (It could be because I have a thing for Mafia and military! lol) Particularly, just purely listing to their Drama CD you could understand their character's personality! Mind you, all the routes in this game is so sweet! XD

Read on for my thoughts for the route that the anime is going for! XD
2012 ArcanaFamiglia
I'm too lazy to upload a new picture - I love the original art by Sarachi!

So glad that they didn't change the character voice from the game and Drama! They're too good to replace. Left to right. Oh wait, let me abuse great banners from the game! XDDD

Felicita (CV: Noto Mamiko) - Card VI Gli Amanti (Lovers)
Arcana Famiglia

Liberta (CV: Fukuyama Jun) - Card I Il Matto (Fool)
Arcana Famiglia

Nova (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa) - Card XIII La Morte (Death)
Arcana Famiglia

Debito (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki) - Card IX L'Eremita (Hermit)
Arcana Famiglia

Pace (CV: Sugita Tomokazu) - Card XI La Forza (Strength)
Arcana Famiglia

Luca (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi) - Card XIV Le Temperanza (Temperance)
Arcana Famiglia

Dante (CV: Kosugi Juurouta) - Card IV L'Imperator (Empire)
Arcana Famiglia

Jolly (CV: Yusa Kouji) - Card XVIII La Luna (Moon)
Arcana Famiglia

Still trying to figure the route they're going for the anime. I think it'll be the trio - Liberta and Nova (or likely all happy together end). The other characters groups (Slight older group - Luca/Pace/Debito vs much older group - Jolly/Dante) probably too old to make a pairing out off (though I didn't mind it in the game XD) - probably not on air. I was kinda hoping Luca (But he plays too much of a fatherly role lol. And since Jolly's probably too old hahaha) might be main... but need more episodes first! Slightly thinking Felicita might end up with Liberta because I think Fukuyama Jun is more popular?! *Is bias*

Supporting evidences on routes
* Nova and Liberta appears before all the other characters
* Opening song ended with the weapons of the Felicita, Nova and Liberta
* Felicita saw Nova and Liberta's thoughts
* Ending song is sung by Nova and Liberta

Can't wait until my other interested anime to be released on air. That aside, I have just confirmed with my friends that we'll be going to this year's Winter Comiket!!!

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Re: Kageji

lol I'm surprised because people I know hardly reads my blog! Plus, it's YOU! XD I haven't communicate with you since Mini Animania so I thought "Argh she doesn't like me ;^;". But I still got your email address, that's when I checked your email address to be certain that it was you. XD

Yes, Smash ended at 5pm. ^^; It's like the one of the earliest con to starts and ends! D: So much to do, so little time on a Convention day! orz You missed our Luca's beautiful Asura (by Clamp) on the day! She was like a walking painting! <3

The Animania pre-reg (http://animania.net.au/2012/sydney-september/tickets) is opened now so you better get it! (It's cheaper to Pre-reg!) And if you're worried, I could morning call you for Animania!? XD (I need your number first lol) What's your cosplay plans like for Animania? Are you going for 1 day or both days? We're all going both days. The others decided to do Dynasty Warriors (Our Kaito, Gumi and Meiko) on Saturday, Inu x Boku SS (Our Gakupo & gumi) on Sunday. I haven't planned anything yet and I'm still trying to check with other cosers what they're doing so I could possibly join other groups! XD

*nod* Will upload those photos when I get them. I'm likely to get off from Meiko-Nee on Monday! YAY! (Stupid Kaito-Nii dropped by our stall and said hi and runs off =3=) I saw that you intended to do a Fate Stay character for Smash so I didn't ask you, otherwise (if you were interested) I would have asked you to be Jolly, and our other Gakupo could be Liberta! Then I'll just need Pace and Dante for a full group! XD *妄想*

How are you finding Australia after the few months? :D 其實你都可以打中文~ XD

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oh i forgot to answer...
I will go to Animania if i don't sleep too much just like Smash!!
I'm expecting ur guy's photos come out! I believe it's good=w=

Re: Nabari

Yep, it's me! Why r u so suprised :D
I had planed to go but i just missed it because i woke up at 1.30 pm and if i want to cosplay someone it will take me a long time to wake and finally when i arrive it should be 4.00 pm. Did Smash end at 5.00 pm? So i wondered and decided to keep sleep... This's is how it happened TUT

Re: Kageji

I thought I was imagining things, but it is YOU! :D Welcome!

We (Vocaloid Camellia group) cosplayed Arcana Famiglia for Smash! I don't think I saw you at Smash! D: Gakuopo as Jolly (I think you'll like this character actually! XD), Meiko as Nova, Miku as , our interstate Gumi as Debito, and myself as Felicita. Though I'm still waiting for photos so I'll be able to post them when I get my hands on them! Are you interested in any of the characters in this anime? v-344

Will you be going to Animania??? :D

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I had watch this one but just first episode..


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