[Convention] Smash Artist Table!

Will be at Smash!

Just less than a week away from Smash! held on the 14th July 2012 Saturday at Sydney Convention Centre!!! Will be having a table in the name of P3N (aka Playful 3 Nation)!

Smash Map

Drop by Table 18 and say Hi!

Some work in progress photos under the cut!
Some of my stuffs at the table...!

2012 Postcard List
The last creepy Ash belongs to Ry-Spirit!

Smash WIP
Chibis cutting piling up! I still need to laminate them again and cut. orz Some also available as Pins/Badges!

Smash Felicita WIP
Just finished the daggers this morning. Belt and gloves to follow...!

I figured that I need to leave the table around midday to get the Seiyuu's signatures! Such as Shinichiro Miki (I was tempted to cosplay as Kazama again to annoy Miki but I gave up) & Sakura Tange (Which reminds me why I was so obsessed with Clamp before!)!!! So catch me in the morning!

I'll be wondering around as Felicita from Arcana Famiglia with my Jolly, Luca/Debito, Nova/Luca, Liberta!!! Gonna be one happy fangirl on the day! XD


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