[Magazine] Dengeki Girl's Style August 12

Picture spamming!

Figured that since I haven't gotten my little hands on the photos taken at Smash! from my friends that I should still be blogging. I actually started blogging about it in the draft however they won't look as attractive without proper photos from the day. orz

Apart from that, I'm probably still recovering from convention and birthday! (There goes the past 2 weekends! ) Plus, I'm rather surprised that I haven't posted about Dengeki Girl's style on my blog before! I must have got muddle up with fangirling particular pages to my friends (WhatsApp is very convenient in that respect as they pretty much live on it) as supposed to blogging about it. ^^;

Here's my lazy post for the day! (Image heavy?!)
Aug12 DGS 1 Cover
Cover and freebie - Brothers Conflic Passion Pink Complete Route Book & Utapri Sp CD Jacket~

Aug12 DGS 2 Tsubaki
Guide to Tsubaki's heart!

Aug12 DGS 3 Season 2
Brothers Conflict Season 2 character profile! Maybe it's just me, but Tsubaki doesn't look as good as when he was younger...

Aug12 DGS 4 Kamiaso
Kamiasobi! To be honest I think the first few gods are more likeable than the new ones. orz

Aug12 DGS 5 Hakuouki Yuugi 2
Finally a new picture for Yuugiroku 2!

Aug12 DGS 6 Haku kitty
Hakuouki x Sanrio collab (Haku Kitty)! I think I spot Kitty Kazama on the far right!

Aug12 DGS 11 Reimeiroku
Not particularly interested in this due to the lack of Chizuru and Kazamaaaaaaa

Aug12 DGS 7 Issho gohan
Reminder to self that I still haven't posted the "draft" post for this! XD *Is waiting to banner to abuse*

Aug12 DGS 8 Diabolic
Meet their parents! XD

Aug12 DGS 9 Arcana
Luca is wearing abit too much! Need more skin from him! >D

Aug12 DGS 10 Arcana
Character reference from the anime!

Aug12 DGS 12 Arcana PSP
WOOT another Arcana game! Chibi version too!

Aug12 DGS 13 Arcana Merc
More and more merchandise from the Arcana Money tree. Damn I want those Anthologies! Apart from that I might get myself the first novel! Just need to press check out then I'll the novel with the drama CD!

Aug12 DGS 14 Koisentai
I'm actually interested in this old school style otome game! POWER RANGERS!

Aug12 DGS 15 Koisentai
In fact, as I was fangirling, my friends and I were actually considering cosplaying them! lol Likely to be all talk only unless someone could teach me the art of making power ranger helmet and suits! XD Though saying that I was more interested in the support and the villians.

Aug12 DGS 16 TMG
Tinyyyyy! Despite having a crush on Oniisan, I still think this is hot.

Aug12 DGS 17 Storm Lovers
Reminder to self that I need to get less distracted by Storm Lovers and finish the post about Vitamin series...

Aug12 DGS 18 Seishun
More interested in the main girl!

Aug12 DGS 19 Seishun
Other characters from Seishun!

Aug12 DGS 20 Shinsengumi
Surprised at how Rejet made them so revealing. Almost nothing on. And OMG look at Okita and DAT LEGGGGGG! Yamazaki made it to the list too! o.o

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Re: Ayuvi

Oh YES! I love the arts from Toki no Kizuna too! <3 Keep thinking it's the only fewer otome games that's cosplay worthy. XD I'm for Chitose and the love the sub characters too! <3

I'm trying to get our "Jolly" aka Haruki to get Koisentai! XD So probably when she head around to play it after Arcana 1 & 2 (And probably the Chibi 3), then maybe... if nothing else seems worthy playing. lol She mentioned that she don't mind doing the casual first... but I want Henshin! XD Need to polish some sewing skills first!

My vote for Brothers Conflict before Storm Lovers! XD Storm Lovers doesn't have enough storm-like-love compare to Brothers Conflict. Too many brothers made it more complicate I suppose. lol

lol you plan to cosplay Wasurenagusa!? WOOT. I was more interested in listening to them because of Dummy head! Need MOAR!

No title

I started playing Toki no Kizuna but I don't have much time for it orz I love the art though!! *w* Kazuyaaaaaa <3

Love and Peace I actually am interested in playing it! If you cosplay it skdfjslkdjsljskld!!

Storm Lovers and BroCon I need to playyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

AND YES WASURENAGUSA. Outfits = so much chest how will I cosplay them sobs ;w;


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