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Smash @ Sydney Convention Centre!

At last! Here it is! I blame it on the time delay between photos being passed to me, and the post editing of Jolly's smoke, Luca's flames and misc. lol I should have taken photos on my camera instead... but I haven't touched a camera for the longest time. orz

As usual I’ll start from few days prior to the actual convention date on 14th July 2012!

I’ve decided back in June that I’ll do Felicita from Arcana Famiglia regardless whether any of my friends were gonna cosplay with me (Closet cosplay for the win!). However, within the last 2 weeks prior to Smash, I ended up having 4 Bishies with me! <3 Which was even better than cosplay alone. Hence this convention reports is full of fangirling on Arcana Famiglia! Also, prepare for some eye damage!

*You have been warned!*
Friday night
Last minute cosplay prepping. I mean, I only started styling (really just tying the long wig, but it was thinner than expected... orz) the wig on Thursday night because I only received it on Thursday (Last minute as usual!). The result was okay, if you don’t look from the back of the wig due to lack of hair. I had 2 attempts to add hair back in, which I figured wasn't the best way to do it but did it anyway.

Kurako dropped by to drop off the socks for Hehalana's Magical Creamy Mami cosplay and obtain last minute reference pictures for Nova cosplay. As for myself, I did most of the cutting for my bookmarks as much as I could and left the ribbon tieing for during stalling. I ended up cutting an old belt for the buckle and remade it to a short belt before I hit the bed at 2 am.

I woke up at 6:30am to get dress and all to be ready to head out of the house by 7:00am. Turns out Hehalana went to bed at 5am, so basically she only had 1 hour sleep. The most horrible thing happened to her when she tried to finish sewing her Magical Creamy Mami. The sewing machine needle was jammed, so she end up hand stitching all the way to 5am because she didn't want to waste our effort (Kurako for getting her socks, and myself for making her the mic).

We arrived at the venue approx 8:15am. Slightly late but notice a lot of other artist haven’t collected their passes yet. XD I do admit that Smash is earlier than any other conventions! One thing that always stops us from setting up on time is the name tag! The only had the name tag for Hehalana and myself! D: Had the trouble to go though the whole painful process of waiting for a tag for Ry before we head inside to setup.

We had abit of issue with our group which I'd rather not talk about it here. But on the day I felt the group was as if 2 half tables due to the big gap. My Arcana Famiglia group dropped by one by one. lol I was the most shocked by Dewmelen's Debito - that accuracy! But then, Debito kissed the back of my hand and said "Ojousan". orz It's Bambinaaaaaa >-<

I left the artist table midday. Had lunch with my Arcana Famiglia group then head to Miki’s signature session with Haruki! We didn’t manage to be within the 200. Was 2 off. D: I SO REGRET not hopping to the Sakura Tange queue during the estimate cut off for Miki’s signature. orz My chain of collecting Smash Seiyuu signatures have been broken! T^T I did say if I make it for the signature that I’ll love Hijikata. Looks like I’ll forever hate youuuuu as a Kazama fan! ._.

Here's some photo of what happened while we were waiting for an hour in the queue.

Smash 12 Cosplay Comp
Cosplay Competition which we didn't get to see.
Photo by Nekomot

Smash 12 Cosplay Comp Utapri
And if I may add, the stage itself is quite suitable for Uta no Prince Sama concert... :P
Photo by Nekomot

After the disappointment, we bump into Milk-n-Honeystars and her boyfriend! Actually they notice us first (Ahhh the good old Maniwani group). Hopefully we could do another group cosplay together! :D Shortly after, I headed back to the table for a while then rushed off again. I'm sorry to those who dropped by to visit me but I didn't have enough time to talk or have a photo with you. m(_ _)m Scarlet, Chibi Chocobo, Silviring, Joichi and I still haven’t met Annako in person...! I did however met someone who knows about Mononoke!!! XD Hopefully she’ll keep in contact with me! :3 Apart from that I spoke to Arcana Famiglia fangirls / Ib gamers before I head off for a mini shoot. Don’t be surprised that most of them are cross players. =3= Mind you most times you get better looking “guys” who are girls instead of guys! XD I ought to be VERY ATTRACTIVE to have REAL GUYS cosplaying for my harem group. lol

Arcana Famiglia Cosplay

Jolly @ Haruki
Nova @ Kurako
Luca @ Celine
Debito @ Dewmelen
Felicita @ Nabari (Myself)
Photographers @ Everyone took turns XD
Dodgy smoke/flame edits @ Nabari

Smash 12 Luca
I didn't have decent photos with Luca so I'm posting the Photos from their mini shoot while we're waiting in line which I like the most >w<
Photo by Kurako

Smash 12 Debito Luca
2 of my favourite characters from the game!
Photo by Kurako

Smash 12 Debito Feri
Kyaaaaaa Debito! >///////v///////< *Scream inside mind* lol Look at Luca photobomb! XD
Photo by Kurako

Smash 12 Feri Nova
I kept humming the Nova’s song from episode 2 throughout the whole day. Would have love to had our Nova to sing that song which was rejected... plus, I needed a Liberta for me to abuse...! So I abused Nova instead.
Photo by Haruki

Smash 12 Abuse Nova emoticon
But Luca stopped me. lol Debito was just standing there enjoying the show.
Photo by Haruki

Smash 12 Feri Nova Peace
We made up afterwards - we get along just fineeeee! *Peace*
Photo by Haruki

Along came a wild PHOTOGRAPHER which we called "Shadow", because Kurako thought it was one of ourselves casting shadow by standing behind her so she scream angrily "SHADOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! "

Smash 12 Arcana Group stairs
A group photo which I like but ignore the fact that I was dozing off.
Photo by George

Smash 12 Arcana Group stairs 2
YAY a herem shot! XDDDD I tried hard not to laugh like I did for Starry Sky.
Photo by George

We moved around abit to the alley that most people had their shoot at. But those photos are with Shadow Kun (Due to the lack of sunlight, the ones on Kurako's camera was blurry ) and we haven't heard from him since. Many thanks for taking our photos (Though we need a copy lol) despite from being told off by Kurako. XD

Smash 12 Wanted photog
The wanted man - Shadow Kun...! Please ignore how fast moving I am lol.
Photo by George

Smash 12 Arcana Group
We did managed to have a non blurry photo from the alley shoot.
Photo by Nekomot

Managed to bump into Ayuvi who got Miki's signature on Hakuouki Shinsengumi uniform – awesome idea - and transferred Miki's handshake to me, who I then transferred to Haruki. lol Ayuvi was with Tammu who was cosplaying as Mary from Ib – pity I don’t get to see the Trio as a group yet. Would so fangirl if I do see the photos! >w<

Smash 12 Debito Jolly
Indoor photos were grainy because of the wrong camera setting. But I do like this picture alot (JOLLYYYYYY >/////o/////<) so I'm posting it. Oh did I mention that our Jolly used a real expensive Cigar throughout for this closet cosplay!? I was kinda disappointed that it was never lite until the end. orz
Photo by Nekomot

After a few more photos I realised Smash is about to end. orz So I rushed back to the stall... to close the store again. We traded prints and bought misc from artist tables. I didn’t end up visiting some of the artist that I promised I would. orz So much to do yet so little time at conventions. >-< I have very poor time management… probably should consider about whether I should still do artist table since I’ve stopped doing new prints. orz I blame it on too much cosplay (though only closet).

Here's Hehalana and my loot from Smash artist table!

Smash 12 loot

Have to say it's not the best year of Smash for me but my meeting up with my friends makes it a whole lot better!

Next convention! Manifest! Cosplay plan for Sunday is Inu x Boku SS - Watanuki! @w@

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