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Power Zenkai!

Have been eyeing out for otome games presented like "comics" (but Manga drawing style) recently. Namely Arcana Famiglia , Tiny x Machine Gun, Bakudan Bakudan... and now Koisentai Love & Peace! Probably because of those sharp highlighter colour backgrounds! lol My friends and I had abit of giggle when I mentioned that I'm actually interested in now Koisentai Love & Peace, because it's old school Power Ranger spin off! XD

It's simliar to Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser except this have less Shoujo style and that the Heroine is the Pink ranger!

This super romantic battle comedy game called Koisentai Love & Peace is beautifully illustrated by Sakaki! The game was originally developed as an Otome mobile game by EMIQ and was ranked the number 1 Otome Game of the Year 2011, with the release of the 4 Drama CDs base on different routes by Broccoli! (lol Yes I've been looking more into Broccoli nowdays XD)

The portable version of the game (Along with more Dramas XD) is to be released in Japan 30th August 2012!

THOSE LYRICS! lol This pretty much sums up the whole game!

The Heroine was living a normal live until she was attacked by the Menos, an organisation which uses science to commit crime. She was rescued by the J Guardians, who are the defender of peace in Japan. Now she have been chosen to become the new Heart Pink (Ranger) to fight against villians 3X and protect the peace of the earth with the Heart Ranger team!

The characteristics of each characters are quite straightforward. Could kinda tell that Heart Red is your typical hot blooded /passionate/enegertic type, Heart Blue is the cool type, Heart yellow is the mood maker type and Heart Black is the wild type.

Heart Rangers
Heart Red - Akagi Fuuta (CV: Hoshi Souichirou)
恋戦隊LOVE&PEACE THE P.S.P.~パワー全開!スペシャル要素てんこもりでポータブル化大作戦である!

Heart Blue - Aoyama Reiji (CV: Toriumi Kousuke)
恋戦隊LOVE&PEACE THE P.S.P.~パワー全開!スペシャル要素てんこもりでポータブル化大作戦である!

Heart Yellow - Sarutobi Kouhei (CV: Miyata Kouki)
恋戦隊LOVE&PEACE THE P.S.P.~パワー全開!スペシャル要素てんこもりでポータブル化大作戦である!

Heart Black - Kuromine Tsuguru (CV: Nakai Kazuya)
恋戦隊LOVE&PEACE THE P.S.P.~パワー全開!スペシャル要素てんこもりでポータブル化大作戦である!

J Guardians
Kamiya Momoko/Butterfly Mask (CV: Kishio Daisuke) - Communication & Support for Koisentai Heart Ranger. Formerly Heart Pink.
Chidori Hiroshi (CV: Fujiwara Keiji) - Commander of J Guardian.
Mikage James Masato (CV: Seki Tomokazu) - Assistant to Chidori Hiroshi.
Zero (CV: Eguchi Takuya) - The top secret of J Guardians - android who's learning how to be a human.
Kuraku Kenjin (CV: Ootsuka Houchuu) - Caretaker of Zero.

I need more sub characters banners!!! >A<

Dark (CV: Madono Mitsuaki)
恋戦隊 LOVE&PEACE ドラマCD - 恋の相手は正義の味方!戦え!恋戦隊ハートレンジャー

Je t'aime (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)
恋戦隊 LOVE&PEACE ドラマCD - 恋の相手は正義の味方!戦え!恋戦隊ハートレンジャー
This guy's name is actually quite interesting if you go google it. XD

Wolf (CV: Shimowada Hiroki)
恋戦隊 LOVE&PEACE ドラマCD - 恋の相手は正義の味方!戦え!恋戦隊ハートレンジャー

Kaijin X (CV: ???) - Leader of Menos.
Zeeta (CV: Ono Tomoki) - Assist Kaijin X. Seems to have some relation with Zero...

There's actually a sample rom which was mentioned on the August 2012 Dengeki Girls Style despite the game not being released yet. XD Apparently, you could only choose the Heart Black route only after you have completed the 3 routes for Heart Red/blue/yellow! Routes aside, the basic gameplay included mini games where you need to hit the correct buttons within the time limit. That aside, you get to read mail from your Heart ranger in the mail system, replay the scene in scenario mode, music in BGM mode and purchase graphics/voice/movies including the original design from the Butterfly store!

If I haven't been clear in what I'm on about... GET THE GAME! XD To be honest I'm actually more interested in the sub characters, this includes Kamiya Momoko, Zeeta, Zero, Wolf. lol Probably because their character design seems to be more unique than that of the Heart rangers. But hey, check out the drama CD site and move your cursor over the 3X members and you'll get what I mean why they seems to be better than heros. XD

Official PSP Game Site
Official Drama CD Site

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