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Manifest @ Melbourne Showground

Second time going to Manifest! Due to my own stupidity, I left my camera with over 600+ photos on the plane on my return to Sydney (I tried to contact the airline and airport but without much luck)... Hence this post will have limited photos (I was gonna do a food post but now I can’t). orz

As usual, I’ll start from nights before the convention!
A quick skim through the not so relevant days:
Saturday – Bought fabrics...
Monday – Cut Gakuran pattern...
Tuesday - Started sewing Gakuran top!
Wednesday – Gakuran sleeves is a nightmare because I didn’t know how to do gathering! Had to re-sew different parts over 2-3 times. orz Hehalana went and bought me a plain white Tshirt (It was the wrong size because it was so last minute they ran out of small size), so I could paint the word Waru on later in the night...
Thursday - Styled overused Kazama Watanuki wig! I've been telling my Chizuru (Dewmelen) that I've been Kazama every since I met her 2 years ago and that this time I'm actually cosplaying as Kazama Junior High version (Prior to SSL)! XD

Morning flight into cold and wet Melbourne! Slight delay with the plane but we still managed to arrived there midday with just enough time to check in and drop by the Fruits Competition! The competition wasn’t like what I expected to be like – probably read too much Kera on street fashion, hence I didn’t think there was enough extreme fashion.

Friday Manifest was relatively quiet (which was kinda expected and on top of that, it was raining). We were surprised that they made us walk all the way to the entrance of the train station this year (suppose many people get there by train instead of the tram?). Probably because they want to consolidate to one point of entry (everyone who enters require a pass!), and the buildings are located next to one another for different events hence less time to rush from one to another!

I went spree-ing at the Artist Alley (as usual) in the afternoon given for once that I’m not cosplaying so it was travel friendly.

Manifest Day 1 loot
It’s the Badges loot! And look! Studio Ghibli badges! How often do you see that!?

I picked up a few artists contact which I’ll be stalking them going forward. XD Managed to get something related to Kuroko no Basket for Avuyi – Hopefully Kuroko (I think he somewhat blended into the bag...) & Taiga are the two characters you like the most!!

Arrived to the venue just around midday and was glad to see cosplayers! XD Went quadruplet cloning in Alice and Pirates - Dreaming of Macaroon dress with Hehalana, Goldie and Liza! Wasn’t quite what I expected (with the hair and all), but it was fun to see friends getting mixed up between Alana and myself. It’s been a while (Probably 3-4 years now) since I last twinned with Hehalana (Last one was also a AP dress. XD). It was actually kinda nice to dress up as in Lolita for convention (This is my first time for convention), I got to meet Hehalana’s Lolita friends and I won’t feel too out of place. And interesting how people actually think that you sew the Lolita dresses. O.o

The goal of the day was to complete an art trade! Not long after my birthday I had chance to talk to Anna-Le regarding commission for plushies. Because I have been thinking about it for the whole half of the year until she recently closed the commission. Luckily, she was interested in my drawings and said we could do an art trade! An A4 traditional drawing of her for a 3D plushie of my OC Hitsuji!

Manifest Arttrade
Here's my part of the art trade! Taken while it was still WIP without background... ^^;

Manifest Day 2 Plushies
Plushies made by the amazing Plushie Artist Anna-Le!

My first Art trade is COMPLETE! Hitsuji Plushie GET!!! Now I could either cosplay my own OC Hitsuji or Ookami! XD Hehalana got a freebie one! Made me so jealous since it was more detailed (She had a little pocket!) and she didn’t have to draw to get it. Hopefully I could commission or art trade with her again – hopefully going through my list of OCs! :D

Manifest Day 1 Hyouka
Behold my favourite pairing from Hyouka! Oreki x Chitanda!

Dewmelen gave away her freebies from the latest New type! There were 3 different ones, and coincidentally Haruki, Kurako and I didn't have to fight for them. I was jokingly saying how I don't buy New Type beacause they have alot of girls in them instead of Bishies... and then when I flipped open the magazine I scream over the Hyouka freebie! (Probably why Dewmelen gave it to me, thank you!!! ) Dinner was good because we had the whole half of the Maniwani! :D We had the Gangnam style song stuck in our heads after seeing the live performance by various cosplayers twice throughout the day. Makes me wanna dance in group cosplay too!

Manifest Day 2 loot
Here’s the prints we bought for the day!

There were a few artists doing on the spot commissions (Mind you, they all had the same prices too), we got one from the we bought most prints from (It was the first table we went too XD). We figured that we’re not particularly interested in ourselves so we only do one commission. Ended up going back at the end of the day to find that she wants us to come back on Sunday to pick up commission. Luckily for me I was going on Sunday so I managed to pick up the commission on Sunday morning. I saw on Sunday that she got quite a fair bit of commission and I do love her style, so it was worth the wait.

Manifest Day 2 Commission
AP Twinning Commission of Hehalana and myself drawing by the talented Chobble, and damn she's only 16!!!

We arrived just before midday and waited for our whole crew of Inu x Boku SS (aka Youko x Boku SS) to go into Toradora themed Maid Café! Was gonna go in on Saturday after hearing the decent price for Entry + Crepe + Drink + Polaroid and quality of it from Hehalana (She’s been involve in Maid Café for quite some time so her review is trust worthy!), but the queue was massive on Satuday! Sunday died down abit due to the reduced number of people. We went in and requested our character related words (aka “creeps” from autocorrect XD)!

Manifest Day 3 Maid cafe
I went in twice (Don’t judge me, I went in with different people! XD) so I got two different Polaroids! ...Ok, maybe I was abit annoyed by the fact that I half blinked in the first one.

Manifest Day 3 loot
Here’s half of the figurine loot since the rest (Tiger & Bunny, Madoka, Code Geass and Gundam) I have distributed already. orz

Have been eyeing on the Are you Alice voiced figurine box set from Friday when I saw it at Tamarket! But because they were abit pricy and I only wanted “Alice?” (Sakurai Takahiro) and Shirousagi. Apart from that, I didn’t have the courage to buy any of it because I know if I don’t get what I wanted I could cry. >-< ...in the end I had 2 boxes given to me by friends! The first one I got from my boss along with other figurines as souvenir to others was March Hare (I was abit excited when I felt the bunny ears and thought it’s Shirousagi). The second one I got later from Bambi (Is this because you’re worried that I’ll really pay you back 10 times for poking me with a stick when you were doing Natsume? XD) was last out of the box set was... “Alice?”!!! So it made my day! I ended up crying regardless due to various reasons (I need to stop being so emotional and jelly ), though they're happy tears.

Gintama Figure
And while I’m at it, I finally took a picture of my Gintama set that I got around my birthday!

Inu x Boku SS
We had abit of mucking around before we met up with our Karuta and Kagerou. Though sadly those photos were all on my camera which I lost on the plane. D: It involves Watanuki bullying Natsume… though I note some fangirls took some photos of us when we were mucking around so hopefully I could find them online someday. We left for a photoshoot so we were away from civilisation for quite few hours (It was too cold to be outside).

Didn’t have a chance to go to asian grocery to get junk food for Karuta (It's hard to find in Melbourne?), so I ended up getting some Omiyage (Pockey) at the vendors. We were lucky that there were chalk drawings on the floor which seems quite fitting for some Karuta x Watanuki school life photos. Wait, I mean Watanuki x Karuta (Because I’m a S)! Although I believe most of the photos were on my camera again... >-<;

Ririchiyo (Demon Version) @ Dewmelen
Soushi (Demon Version) @ Haruki
Karuta @ Dee
Kagerou @ Steve
Maniac Nobara (Demon Version) @ Kurako
Renshou (Demon version) @ Bambi
Natsume @ Bambi
Watanuki @ Nabari
Photog @ Dezmin & others not in photo XD

Will probably leave photoshoot photos in a separate post when I get a copy! (I need all the crack shots! :P)

We ate, walk and more eating until it was time to depart. Got off the plane, within less than 30 minutes of walking, that’s when I realised I left my camera on the plane. Probably dropped out of my pocket when I was doing the leg exercise for Gangnam style with my friends. orz Contacted airline and airport, nothing to be found. *cries*

Manifest Complete loot
Here's all the stuffs Hehalana and I bought from Melbourne!

Somehow I realised that when we don't have a table, we have plenty of time to spree like crazy!!! Also, while looking at the booklets that I took about what's on Melbourne, I almost flipped the table because of this...

Melbourne Film Fest
If only I saw this before I would have went and saw Gyakuten Saiban!!! T^T It ended on the Manifest Sunday.

Next Convention! Animania! Cosplay plans as follows!
Saturday: TBA (Hopefully some more Otome game characters! :D)
Sunday: Kanato @ Diabolik Lovers, with Ayato (GYAH I love Ayato!) and Raito (whose middle name is "Hentai" - refer to Character profile lol) as triplets and MY FOOD Yui!


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I didn't know you were there either until I saw a recent post about Manifest on your blog. orz I could have met another fellow fc2 blogger irl! >A< ARGH. Which table were you at? o.o *flips open the Traders map*

Hope you had a great sales for Manifest!

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Ooh didn't know you were there *A* Glad you got your hands on heaps of goodies, and had lots of fun :)


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