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Haven't been blogging about new otome game apps (There's a whole backlog to do orz), so thought I'd start off with an easy ones. And by easy, I mean there's not much story nor game play but interesting enough to get you to play it... at least for the voice! XD

The following games are reviewed:
* Osawari Danshi Idol to Oshinobi Vacation by Ateam Inc (Japanese Text)
* Nekotoba by Wavemaster Inc (Japanese/English Text)
* East Tower By RoseVeRte (Japanese/English Text)
Osawari Danshi Idol to Oshinobi Vacation
Osawari Idol

You are the manager of an popular Idol boy group. You went to the sea side with the group but one of the member of the group, Hiiragi Kenji seems to have heatstroke? As the manager, you need to help him wipe his sweat off...

* BGM and fully voiced sentences when you wipe the right spots...! Seiyuu is unknown. orz
* Simple game play with different reaction by tabbing (touching) 36 different squares (areas).
* 3 endings - Bad / Normal / Best
* Hint provided! Wipe his sweat in the right order to achieve the best ending and to see the special CG!

It's actually my first time to see that the game itself provide a guide to get the best ending. XD Though it's short, but still worthwhile reading it first to get the best end (You get additional story compare to the normal end). I've decided to not to post too much picture from the game given it's really just 1 picture (Plus 1 CG). orz That aside, you could actually buy the Guide Book app for the 9 apps from the Osawari Danshi series as follow:

* Ikemen Kaitou to Kanbi na Game - Kaitou Dimanche
* Otoutokei Danshi to Omatsuri Date - Kiyose Hiro
* Dokuganryu Masamune - Masamune Date
* Pet Inu Gijinka - Giro
* Ikemen Kyoudai to Konyoku Onsen - Katagiri brothers
* Nama Cream x Koakumakei Kare - Kurusu Ryouta
* Koakumakei Kare Shinya no Shinnyuu - Kurusu Ryouta
* Kouha Na Gachimuchi Danshi - Nogimori Daigo
* Tsudere Classmate no Himitsu - Toyama Shinji

To be honest, for a game this short and simple game play, I wouldn't really pay for it. In this case, this game is free but they also promote their other apps from the same series (Most mentioned above), which is available to play upon payment.

Official Site


* The first (CV: Shimono Hiro) and second (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke) neko from the Nekotoba Danshi Drama CD series.
* Simple game play - Tab the screen to get the seiyuu to "Nyaa" like cats...!
* Tab and hold on the screen to change between cat/seiyuu.
* Watch the cats walk around the screen
* Capture your own Nekotoba cat wallpaper for your phone!

Apart from the cute cat drawings that animate, the selling point should be the Seiyuus. Though it actually sound like seiyuu screaming for help (instead of Nyaa-ing) to me after tabbing the screen too fast. XD

Kinda hoping they're provide all the cats from the Nekotoba Danshi Drama CD series like the other company done for the Soine Kareshi series! Because I love Minagawa Junko so I was thrill to see the announcement on the app build-in advertising banner!

Definitely worth keeping for the seiyuu fans and cat lovers!

Official Site

East Tower
East Tower

Sakuya Morita (Name changeable) always wanted to be a boy. One day, Sakuya found out from her cousin Daiki that the virtual theme park will be doing a testing of the new attraction East Tower which is designed specifically for boys only. Sakuya sneak into participate in the game along with 4 other participants - Akio, Takashi, Kuon, Kurenai - when an accident happened and they are trapped in the game...

* Different endings base on your rank and options.
* Restart at each stage if you game over
* CG, BGM and fully voiced dialogues! Akio (CV: Tanukida Taichi), Takashi (CV: Higurashi Souta), Kuon (CV: Lerage), Kurenai (CV: Sakato) and Daiki Morita (CV: Yuya Kakitsubata).

Not gonna type that much on this one since they have their own English website where grammar are very decent! XD It was interesting to play in English and listen to their Japanese vocal. Almost made me thought I was playing in Japanese. Seiyuus are unknown to me... though I suspect they're internet seiyuu where they've done works here and there.

The story itself is quite interesting. I do like the fact how they made the characters changed in their appearance/body in the virtual world. And there were funny jokes here and there. XD The flow of the story was smooth! I won't spoil too much of the story since it's the main selling point of the game! I think it's of quality for this app given it's made by an indies game development circle. I look forward to more quality games from RoseVeRte!

Official Site

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