[LR] Third round! SydAni Cafe

Chinese themed pop up cafe!

The third SydAni Cafe was held on 26th February 2017, the Sunday that just passed.

I was going to decide if I will go depending on the food range (I was seriously thinking about there is bound to be one dumpling dish, but ending up not seeing any lol), but was later double booked by Hehalana for a Lolita Swap meet. In the end we dropped out a week beforehand and I was free again to go again! Unfortunately others have made plans and hence we booked into the first morning session. We normally go to the last sessions after food, so this time was abit different.

This time round I went last minute as Gense version of Hakutaku with a small kingyousou plushies (I'm just a fan of Kingyousou plushies and not so much of Maohaohao lol) from Hoozuki no Reitetsu! This marks my third character done for the Gense versions. Still love the series, but they only have OAD and not season two of the series. =w=

Below the cut are just some photos and thoughts on my experience during the session!


[Convention] RTX Sydney

@ International Convention Center Sydney

My first RTX! Held on the 4th - 5th February 2016!

Apparently this is the second year for RTX... and it's held at the ICC! I haven't been back since it was renovated. So I was relatively surprised to find how big it ended up being. Not to mentioned it have the best air con system compare to most of the conventions I've been to (particularly in this case during the hot and humid weekend!).

The post will be short and probably Kojima focused!


[LR] Second round! SydAni Cafe

Christmas themed pop up Maid cafe!

The second SydAni Cafe was held on 20th November 2016, the Sunday that just passed.

Having visited so many Maid Cafes at Conventions (They were getting too much alike for me lol), I hesitated in going this time. Personally I prefer other themes more... but I went regardless since Bambi wanted to go for the Maid Magic, and he did went along with me for the last one (See my post here).

This time round I was bothered to cosplay one of cosplay backlog, since I thought it would be the perfect opportunity because it's not often that I cosplay by myself anymore. So I pull off a last minute Marika from Nisekoi (Just my excuse to use my old Tsukiko wig)!

Below the cut are just some photos and thoughts on my experience during the session!


[Escape Room] Dr M

Real Life Escape Room 4 @ Mission

I had quite a bit of confidence kill due to the past two escape room experiences... turns out Lost was just too hard and Gotcha's room (Previously known as Forest) have faulty gadgets. Further, I've learnt my lesson from previous experiences and read the escape room information (They give you some hint on skill requirement) and search on reviews on difficulties (There are alot of "serial escapee" out there). lol

Closely booked with my last escape room Gotcha (See my post here), this was a condensed size group with members that I did the Lost escape room last. With it being my first time doing an escape room at Mission Escape I was somewhat anticipating that we might not escape...


[Escape room] Gotcha!

Real Life Escape Room 3 @ CT Adventure

So... Since my last failure to escape from the Break the Code escape room with the Lost challenge with my other group of friends, we haven't been on to another escape room anymore! Although I love the decoration within the room for the last one, not being able to escape really hit us (Suppose problem of having too many people on a team).

This time I went with another smaller group of friends but unfortunately, one bail out last minute so we only ended up having only 3 people.

This also marks my third escape room...




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