[Android] Pokemon Playhouse

Kemono Pokemon Friends!

Brought to you by the Pokemon Company! Figured I should post this one right after the Magikarp one, whilst coming across it on the short long weekend!

Interestingly, there is no Japanese version of this game...?


theme : Pokémon
genre : Games

[Android] Pokemon Magikarp Jump (Hanero! Koi King)

Everybody loves Magikarp

Brought to you by the Pokemon Company! I must admit, I did lose interest in Pokemon console game after Sun and Moon (I haven't finished it yet!), let alone even buying Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. orz

I do think that the app actually came in due to the Magikarp Song I love Magikarp (along with the other songs for Mimikyu and Ditto).


theme : Pokémon
genre : Games

[Android] Goes! Nana Fushigi Collection

7 Mysterious Collection

Brought to you by Future Tech Lab! I like it how some companies do a special mini game on mobile to promote an actual game that they have on other consoles.

Based on the Vita game Goes! released in November 2015, with a total of 12 characters.


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games

[Android] Uwaki series compiled

Cheating is not allowed!

Brought to you by Hana Abiru! Having played their recently released title Juicy Uwaki nanka Zettai shimasen! (See my post here), I've decided to race through their past releases since the first app that I played XXX Chome Otoko Out Na Otokotachi! (See my post here)!

Read on for thoughts since they're all too similar in gameplay, I've decided to compile them together! XD I had to reshuffle the titles since I think I got them in the wrong order last time. lol

* Scandal Uwaki no Shouken Kare
* Gossip Uwaki Soshite Ubaiai
* Dangerous Uwaki, Ainante iranai
* Masquerade Mata Uwaki suru?


[Android] Juicy Uwaki nanka Zettai shimasen!

Cheater catcher!

Brought to you by Marinade Apps (If I'm not mistaken in the company name translation, but iOS releases it under Hana Abiru!)! I've only played their previous title XXX Chome Otoko Out Na Otokotachi! (See my post here, you might note that it is now released under a different developer name too! Proving... it is old! lol) but it's not comparable since the stages of the romance component and gameplay is really different! XD

To be honest, I enjoy this style more (The escape room types)! In fact, by the end of their games, you'll be the master of cheater catcher or just simply... no longer believe in love! XD




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