[Android] XXX Chome Otoko Out Na Otokotachi!

You're out guys!

Released under the name Kiiro Murasaki (Masks LLC)! Unlike the normal SNS messaging games, this one is done like a spot of the difference puzzle! It's always so easy to get back into the mode of playing short and snappy games with a broad storyline! XD Hence the more regular updates!

No... actually it's just the Easter holiday.


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games

[Android] Doki Doki Renai French

Otome French restaurant!

Brought to you by Chronus Inc! From their first Ikemen (Otome) game series Doki Doki Renai Panyasan (See my post here), Doki Doki Renai Italian (I believe I didn't do a post when the drawing style was that of the Panyasan. lol) to Dokidoki Renai Onsen Ryokan Panyasan (See my post here)! It's probably obvious that I'm going backwards (Sink backlogs lol) with games releases. orz

Despite being a short game, there is a story and a love triangle!


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games

[iPhone] Tsumikui Tama no Ito Tsunagi

Tsumikui Puzzle

Brought to you by Operetta (Though released as IGNOTE Inc when it's not PC game)! This one got lost since I got my new Android phone, but I got around to finishing it within a day. lol It was released as promotion for the story original PC title Tsumikui Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori and with a slight variation in the title, this is a puzzle game version which happens after the story! Plus it have routes that are not covered by the original title (The secret routes!!! XD)! Also noting that the Vita version of the game is due in June this year!

Beautifully illustrated by Amatsu Nagi (Chibi characters by Niwako), though saying that I haven't seen other works by them previously. I generally thinks operetta tends to have alot of quality (and hidden) artists on hand. Not to mention this one is fully voiced too!


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games

[Android] Hannin wa Boku desu 1 & 2

Don't want to be caught

Brought to you by Global Gear! After having enjoyed their most recent release of Sharehouse Kyou mo Boku wa kanshisuru (See my post here), I've decided to play the previous two titles as suggested by the game itself. lol Since this is the older release, I'll do the write up for the game 1 (Hannin wa Boku desu) & 2 (Hannin wa Boku desu Rotenburo hen) together as they share similar logics and theme.

Both titles took me longer than expected... but it's finally finished!


[Android] Dokkiri Kamikaihi

Surprises super dodged!

Brought to you by Global Gear! Obviously as I was going through their game list I noticed other games that was of interest to me. Such as this one with mini puzzles within the time frame of 31 (30 stages + 1 bonus credit stage) days! Reminds me of Mama ni Game kakusareta! (See my post here), only with better drawings and actual backgrounds! I find this one cuter though, mostly due to the effort in the drawings and the fact that there are recurring side characters who just love to tease the protag. Not to mentioned that the stages are shown in the form of a manga panel split!




PN: 木麻玖凝
♥: 乙女ゲーム, JRPG, 少女漫画, コスプレ, ボーカロイド, 同人グッズ, 櫻井孝宏, 梶裕貴, 津田健次郎, Clear.

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