[Android] Akumu no Kuni no Arisu

Alice in Nightmareland

Brought to you by Owl Soft (Released in the name Yusuke Tekeuchi if you're on iOS)! If you're not careful you would actually come across alot of horror apps! XD To be honest, this one isn't that scary compared to the last app I reviewed. lol

If you're familiar with the Alice in Wonderland story, the story is pretty straight forward! It actually reminds me of the Stray Cat Doors app that I played not long ago... and I thought I posted it! Looks like I haven't after searching it (I must have posted all these backlogs in my dreams =w=;).


[Android] Ore no Kanojo Satsujinoni ni Owareteimasu

Stay on LINE NINE!

Brought to you by Entabridge! I played it because their new game came across the recommended title on my list and I saw the amount of reviews with high stars rating on it! Looking at their games I decided to play their older title first... and I was hooked for the full duration of the story!

Not for the faint hearts.


[Android] Chou SOS

Super Emergency!

Brought to you by Global Gear again! I should just setup a template for them. lol Base on the same gameplay as Korette Myaku Ari? (See my post here) and Suki ni Nattara Make (See my post on 1 here & 2 here) but the genre is totally different! This time you take on the role of a councilor/advisor of some sort for your friends!

There are alot more characters compared to the previous titles with the same gameplay! So this game will surely keep you busy!


[Android] Furarekaibi

Avoid being dumped!

Brought to you by Global Gear! Wasn't that long ago since I last posted on one of their game namely Baka Suspense Shougen wa Futatsu Made (See my post here) which uses the same art style!

This one is a older one that I didn't get around to it because of the simplicity of the game. However, it turns out that it was very worthwhile as with their other games... XD

Cheater's gonna cheat.


[Android] Cocktail Prince


Brought to you by Geechs Inc.! What better time than to post the belated post with the one year anniversary notice as well as the service to end 24th July 2018! Not to mention they will close the website just before end of this year too! I guess the alcohol names weren't too attractive to get people to continue with it despite the beautiful characters and event CGs? XD

Get it while it last!


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