[Andorid] Stray Cat Doors

Adventure of the lost cat

Brought to you by Pulsmo Inc! I played it because of the cute art style, but also because of the positive reviews. Not to mention, I had extra time on hand to kill whilst traveling on trains previously. lol

The whole game is text less (Not including hints XD), so there isn't really a said prologue apart from the fact that it's about a girl with cat ears hat and she have a cat! They also released a set of Line stickers base on this app recently, so you could see how cute they are!

Posting this one since I mentioned it in my Akumu no Kuni no Arisu post (See my post here)! XD


[Android] Tasokare Hotel

Twilight Hotel

Brought to you by SEEC Inc! Their artworks for their titles have gotten so much better since I last played their non houchi game! Looking back on my post I think it was Watashi no Riajuu Keikaku Henji Mattemasu! (See my post here). Even with that one, it's messaging gameplay so... I actually haven't touched any of their dasshutsu titles!

I was meant to play the Shimeshin (It was downloaded on my old iPhone previously) and Kangoku Shounen (I still got this one on my current phone though) but never ended up doing so. X'D I guess that's when the drawings improved without my noticing too much. Perhaps I'll give them a go after this one.


[Android] Kimi to Kiri No labyrinth Hime ni Nareru RPG

With you in the labyrinth of mist

Brought to you by Square Enix (SE)! I don't think I have ever played an otome title nor a visual novel style game from SE apart from their RPGs. There are 12 characters with over 200 sub routes, fully voiced and 30+ BGM! Not to mention they're beautifully illustrated by Naoe who is known for the manga Aoharu x Kikanjuu (Though that is limited to the character profiles...)!

Posting this before I remove the game on my phone to make room for newer titles...


[Android] Situation Kareshi Alarm

Seiyuu Voice x Koisuru Mesamashi

Brought to you by SugarBeats, but I known it as Sugar Rain (I think they're actually more alert on twitter nowadays but that's the official "website")! It's been a while since I looked into the voiced apps, not to mention alarms! This one have probably been released for a while but I only just notice it on Android.


[Android] Akumu no Kuni no Arisu

Alice in Nightmareland

Brought to you by Owl Soft (Released in the name Yusuke Tekeuchi if you're on iOS)! If you're not careful you would actually come across alot of horror apps! XD To be honest, this one isn't that scary compared to the last app I reviewed. lol

If you're familiar with the Alice in Wonderland story, the story is pretty straight forward! It actually reminds me of the Stray Cat Doors app that I played not long ago... and I thought I posted it! Looks like I haven't after searching it (I must have posted all these backlogs in my dreams =w=;).




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