[PS4] VR games

My play history of VR games

Recently I tried out VR games for the very first time at a Ry's place over the long Easter weekend! [emoji:v-353\]Below are the list of games which I had a short play for and which I would comment on under the cut!

* Ocean Descent
* Fruit Ninja VR
* London Heist
* Summer Lesson
* Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live

There wasn't much pictures of the gameplay since I was playing most of them, except I got tired by the time I played the Miku one. XD


[iPhone] Kindan no Futamata

Forbidden Talk!

Brought to you by Sakuragate!

I keep forgetting that there are always some game apps that are only exclusive to iPhones rather than Android. In this case, this company appears to favour it over another. Originally saw their latest release which have character voices, and then I got around to check the other release to find that I have played their first title previously (See my post here)! This is the second release of their Futamata (Loosely translated as Two timing) series!

Let's make this short and snappy!


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games

[Android] XXX Chome Otoko Out Na Otokotachi!

You're out guys!

Released under the name Kiiro Murasaki (Masks LLC)! Unlike the normal SNS messaging games, this one is done like a spot of the difference puzzle! It's always so easy to get back into the mode of playing short and snappy games with a broad storyline! XD Hence the more regular updates!

No... actually it's just the Easter holiday.


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games

[Event] Princess Closet Reo Kamiyoshi 2017 Birthday Project

For a limited time only!

I admit that it's been a while since I last played the Princess Closet (See my post here)... in fact it has been two years! With the English translation of the game released early in the year, there have been an increased amount of fans for the title which is always great to see! Now that Reo being the only route and other characters routes pending, here's what you could do to help promote by writing something posted on Twitter by the deadline!

Between 12th - 19th April 2017 midnight, tweet your messages with the hashtags #プリクロレオ誕 #princesscloset to take part of the album kindly organised by Nanami Youko (An active Princess Closet fan from Japan!) which will be mailed to Ciagram directly by Reo's birthday on 27th April 2017!

Interested? Then read on for more guidelines! Or simply go to Nanami's blog post!


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games

[Android] Doki Doki Renai French

Otome French restaurant!

Brought to you by Chronus Inc! From their first Ikemen (Otome) game series Doki Doki Renai Panyasan (See my post here), Doki Doki Renai Italian (I believe I didn't do a post when the drawing style was that of the Panyasan. lol) to Dokidoki Renai Onsen Ryokan Panyasan (See my post here)! It's probably obvious that I'm going backwards (Sink backlogs lol) with games releases. orz

Despite being a short game, there is a story and a love triangle!


theme : Otome Game
genre : Games



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